About us

It’s our first time making a website apart from You tube channel to help and provide our services to more persons in need of it as much as we can. Since 2014, we are in technical assistance of mobile devices and were able to provide solutions for different problems of different peoples. Recently we have also added one of our anime partner ‘Anime trend’ with us to expand our area and to reach people of different interest and we hope “we are on the right track!”


Iphone and android devices have totally changed our way of living since last decade and are part of our daily task. But as saying goes “Nothing is perfect” ,these device aren’t any exceptions. And here we try to provide solutions of problems faced by you guys. So keep supporting us and i’ll be on my way to give my best everytime.

Anime Trend

Anime has big fan following around the world and there are many fans who always tries to be updated with all the latest news and reviews of many series, movies etc. If you’re one of them then you’re on right place since it’s our first priority to provide these information. And stay connected if you love to watch AMV’s.