Children who chase lost voices alternatively known as Journey to Agartha is a coming of age story involving young love and a adventure , directed by Makoto Shinkai. It is the longest movie of makato shinkai till date.


This movie is about a young girl, called Asuna who is having a quiet common life on the countryside. Her daily activity after school, is to go on a rock to listen to some self-constructed radio and watch the stars, but one day this radio is going to give her a music that she never expected. She met a strange boy who saves her life from a monster but he fells from the ledge of the mountain to his death.

But with the help of her teacher who agrees to help her, she embark on a journey to agartha, land of dead to revive that boy since he had saved her life once.From here on starts the real story, where she will discover a new world and new people.


The film does a really good job of establishing characters who are believable and largely sympathetic and of developing them throughout with the three major characters all having their own story arcs that are connected thematically and that intersect, but that do ultimately remain pretty unique.The art is also absolutely gorgeous. The use of shadows and lightings, along with the colourful blend of sceneries is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Most of the landscapes, especially in the Underworld were very pretty.

The story is also pretty unique as expected from makoto shinkai. So it’s worth to give it a shot.

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