mal rating :- 8.3/10

In This Corner of the World or Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni  is manga based anime movie directed by Sunao Katabuchi and is focused on pre-war condition in hiroshima. 


The story focuses on suzu, a young girl, who gets married at age of 18 and moves away from her hometown to her husband’s residence in kuru. It’s the time of WWII and it’s very difficult for everyone to adjust their life with day to days chaos around city. Life turns out to be risky for suzu as she has to learn life saving skills to safeguard herself from U.S. air raid, explosions etc. But somehow she manages to get through with all this and try to live her life to the fullest.


In This Corner of the World is a fairly decent anime about a woman as she grows up in pre-war Japan and how her life changes during the later years of World War 2. War is somewhat undesirable from the perspective of common citizen as it takes countless lives and destroys Hundred thousands of houses just for some shitty reason of few selfish persons. And this movie exactly depicts what goes through in a family at the time of war and what measures they are compelled to make at that time.

The film itself is very well directed and I find less and less anime as well written and directed as this one. It has many impactful and heartfelt moments that truly make you feel for the characters it presents. There is nothing much left for me to say but i’d definitely recommend it watch it even for once if you truly love to watch anime movies and want to witness the deep and impactful story.

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