From Up on a poppy hill is historical romance movie surrounding around teens and their attempt to save the school’s clubhouse from demolishing. It is produced by studio ghibli and like it’s other previous works its visually appealing.


Atop a hill overlooking a seaside port sits a boarding house named Coquelicot Manor. Since the building is run by her family, Umi Matsuzaki carries out many of the duties involved in managing the small establishment, such as preparing meals for her fellow boarders. When she isn’t at home, she is a student at the local high school—one that is currently dealing with a small crisis.

In anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games, a beloved old clubhouse is set to be demolished to make way for a modern building. As a result, a large part of the student body has banded together, working tirelessly to prevent this from happening. Umi finds herself helping the newspaper club to spread information about this cause where she befriends Shun Kazama, whom she gradually begins to fall in love with. But Shun is an orphan who doesn’t know much about his origins, and when the two begin searching for clues to the boy’s past, they discover that they may have a lot more in common than either of them could have thought.


The story is about family, love and determination and each of these elements were strongly portrayed throughout movie by the two main characters.Everything from the scenery to the character design are impeccable.The colors are strong and like any Ghibli Production the details put into making the watchers believe that they are in the story are definitely here.

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