The Princess and the Pilot (To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku) is a romance, fantasy movie based on a  fantasy light novel by Koroku Inumura in 2008. Movie was released in 2011 and got very good response from different critics as it’s story has no flaw and is very emotional.


The story focuses around Charles Karino, born mercenary pilot and Juana del Moral, “yet to be” Princess consort. Charles is subject to severe racist discrimination due to his mixed heritage as he shares half blood from enemy territory. Because of his extreme talent at flying and aerial combat he get secret escort mission assignment to protect a girl who is the future Princess consort of the state.Due to his life long bad memory from racism, he was eager to prove himself and escort mission becomes a golden opportunity to prove himself and get out of this racism treatment.

But Charles soon learns traversing an ocean alone, and into enemy territory, will prove to be a much more dangerous ordeal than anyone could have anticipated.


The title of this movie sort of gives the hint about the love story of a pilot and a princess but believe me the way they have demonstrated the plot is the best way to tell a love story. Generally it’s very difficult to establish the connection between characters and viewers in just a short time of 90 minutes but studio has done a fantastic job of showing how the love between the two main characters was born.Another thing I love about this movie is how the princess’s personality change feels so natural.oops! no more spoilers.

Overall it’s a good romantic movie with a realistic ending rather than being a fairy tail type of ending which certainly takes this movie into different level. Animation is perfect to sync with the story too.


The Princess and the Pilot
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