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Top 5 action games for android of 2017


Are you bored with playing kids game on android??? if yes then you can try this top 5 action games for android platform of 2017.Some of these games take you a while to get the feeling, some get you hooked instantly and others might not interest you at all. Have a look what we got for you.

5. EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is one of the most popular fighting games .EA Sports UFC is a mixed marEA SPORTS UFCtial arts sports video game developed by EA Canada and SkyBox Labs for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand. The controls are pretty bad. Most of it is just tapping or swiping. There isn’t hardly any room for creativity. However, it’s not a bad way to spend five minutes at a time. It’s an EA Sports game that has in-app purchases. Many fans of EA games know what to expect with that.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: Sports

Rating: 4.4 stars

4. Animelee

Animelee is an animal themed fighting game,it features a variety of animals and each one has their own set of moves. There are 14 characters in total along with customizations, a story mode, and more. The developers also let the players vote on what character they want to see next. The history of the game has filled with lots of bugs . However, it’s goofy, fun premise for those who don’t take it too seriously. It’s also one of only a few totally free fighting games.

Publisher: Sungrand

Genre: Action

Rating: 3.9 stars


3. Fighting Tiger – Liberal

Fighting Tiger - Liberal

Fighting Tiber – Liberal is one of the oldest fighting games. You start in an area and you must beat up a number of opponents instead of just one. The game mechanics in Fighting Tiger – Liberal will remind you of classic games for PlayStation One like Fighting Force. Players can move freely through 3D scenes as they fight against lots of different enemies, who will appear from all over.. It also features a number of fighting styles, weapons, and more that you can use to beat up the bad guys. It has a campaign mode where you must save your girlfriend and fight for your life to survive. Not bad for a completely free game.

Publisher: Jiin Feng

Genre: Action

Rating: 4.2 stars

2. Fatal Fury SpecialFatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special is an arcade game. The series was started in 1993 with fighting game and now it’s on mobile. The game includes retro graphics, a cast of 16 characters, and more. The game is based off of Fatal Fury 2. However, it has received updates to graphics, game play, and game balance. There is also a new combo system in place. It includes a classic fighting game button layout for combos and movement along with local multiplayer over Bluetooth. It was fun in the arcades and it’s fun now. Best of all, there are no in-app purchases.


Genre: Arcade

Rating: 4.0 stars

1. FZ9:Timeshift

FZ9: Timeshift

FZ9: Timeshift is as deep and engrossing as most console FPS games. With an arms locker full of firearms such as machine guns, rocket launchers, pistols and more, you’re dropped within a number of locales that are ravaged by war. Blasting away the opposition looks even cooler due to the addition of bullet time, the upgrade system lets you craft a bunch of unique weapons and the story mode provides a lengthy amount of meaningful missions. Once you’re done shooting at AI terrorists, you can take on extra challenges in other modes and come out on top during PvP deathmatches. FZ9: Timeshift is one of the most well-put together mobile FPS releases to come out in recent memory.


Genre: Action

Rating: 4.4 stars

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