Just few hours ago many countries along with USA, Spain, Russia, Britain etc were hit by a massive cyber attack by some hackers organisation still unknown to the world. It’s a very large scale attack which almost hit 100,000 computers across the world. At first it crippled the healthcare system of Britain and then USA. Doctors were unable to access the files on their computers and they had to turn the patients away from hospitals. Their informations were all encrypted by the hackers and were demanding from $300 to $600 to give the access back of their computers to them.

It is believed that the hackers used that technology which was already stolen from NSA(National security agency) last month. It sure is a big fault in security system of NSA and they haven’t commented in this regard yet. But there is a question, why they had to develop such a disruptive  tool at all. What was it for ? These are questions which needs to be answered by NSA since it’s an global issue now.

According to some private security firms these are a new kind of ‘wanna cry’ ransomware which is designed to spread on a larger network by exploiting a bug in windows operating system. Microsoft had released many patches to fix the bug and experts say that these attack could’ve prevented if all had installed the patch as and when it was available.Microsoft spokesman said on Friday that customers who have Windows Updates enabled and use the company’s free antivirus software are protected.

Security Software maker ‘Avast’ has also stated that 57000 infections were detected in 99 countries by their software and Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan were the top targets among these countries.

Rich Barger, director of threat research with Splunk, one of the firms that linked WannaCry to the NSA, stated that “This is one of the largest global ransomware attacks the cyber community has ever seen,”

“Despite warnings, (NSA) built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software,” Snowden said. “Today we see the cost.”

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