Flashing redmi note 3 phones are very easy to flash, if you know  the proper way of flashing. In this method of flashing there is no matter either your phone is dead or working.

So first of charge the phone atleast 50% above  and make sure you have a original data cable which comes with the phone, for flashing you required this files so first download this files  first…….

  1. mi pc suite
  2. mi flash tool
  3. winrar (to unzip the stock rom)
  4. redmi note 3 flash file  (for redmi note 3 download Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Latest Global Stable version)
  5. edl fastboot

After downloading all this file ,first install the mi pc suite then install mi flash tool and after that unzip the redmi note 3’s flash file  and store all this on desktop.

Now the flashing process is going to start

  1.  so first turn on the computer with disabling the driver signature enforcement
  2.  then turn on the phone in fastboot mode with holding the power key and volume down key
  3.  then open the fastboot edl folder and then connect the phone to computer
  4.   then run the edl file of fastboot edl folder at that time phone will go blank with red blink over the top , it  means the phone is on edl mode.
  5.  Now run the mi flash tool and first click on refresh and there will be seen a connection of phone ex:(com10 or com12 or com14)
  6. then select the flash file and in bottom select clean all and then click on flash.

The flashing process will taken approx 25 minutes so dont be panic and dont remove the cable until there success screen poped up. And the first boot up of the phone will takes arround 15minutes.


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