Iphones are mostly good user-friendly os and its battery backup for all the models are also good, but in some iphones, battery is big issue its drains so fast as from normal iphones, in some cases it is a manufacturing defect. So Iphone X in ios 11.3 upadte the battery life decreased for some iPhones users if your iPhone’s battery draining to fast then its not only you. In phones like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, ion this phone’s battery backed up up to one day with heavy usage and in standby, it runs up to 4 days. But in iPhone X battery not running properly 1 day on standby.

Easy / Software method

iphone X battery problemiphone X battery problem

You required following this simple steps to fix battery problems of iPhone X :-

1.turn off mobile data, wifi, and Bluetooth  while no usage

2. turn on auto brightness mode on your phone

3. turn on the low power mode in iPhone it will consume very less battery

4. always close the all unwanted running app to prevent battery draining

This are the basic methods to fix the battery problem of iphone x.

Technical / Hardware method

In hardware method of fixing battery problem of iPhone x there are many steps you required to take so this method is applicable for technical persons who generally repairs iPhones. so to fix a battery problem for iPhone X takes this step

iphone X battery problem

1.try with replacing the battery, if replacing battery does not work then proceed to second step

2. replace the batter ic of the phone with power ic.

so this is the combination of both software and hardware method to fix battery problem of phone x

This method of fix battery problem will work on all iPhones…………..


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