Icloud unlock for iphone 4s is now available,this method is 100% approved and tested in 5 different iphone 4s and more interesting is that was a permanent solution for locked iphones.
Now a days there is no particular website is available to check the icloud lock status for iphones after the closed official apple website of icloud lock status checker.Now its very risk to buy a refurbished or used iphones from ebay,craglists.Inspite of that apple’s sequirity is continioulsy broken by differnt developers.
 So, to unlock the icloud lock you have first dowload the modded itunes.
Then download the custom ipsw file and rename it to (iPhone4,1_9.3.5_13G36_Restore.ipsw) and then move that file to that (specified folder).
There are some process you have to remember while unlocking the icloud.
1.Use original cable which comes with the phone
2.Disable the antivirus (if you have any)
3.turn on the computer in driver disable signature enforcement mode
4.At the time of restoring firmware internet connectivity must be turn off
5.computer must be windows 7 with (64bit) not supported in xp nd vista
To get the description key ask on facebook page or yoa ask on comment section after sharing this post.
**Do at on your own risk any mistake can permanently brick your phone**

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    DECRYPTION KEY plzz give me

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