Incoming-call display delays a big bug in iPhone X 

Despite posting record profits in the previous quarter, this seems to be a tough week for Apple – at least as far as its iPhones are concerned. A couple of days back the company reported an issue with iPhone 7, which may result in showing users ‘No Service’ in the status bar and now, another issue has cropped up for the users of the most-expensive iPhone ever, the Apple iPhone X.
According to a report by Financial Times, users are unable to answer calls on their iPhone X as the display does not wake up, even though the handset is ringing. This means that they are unable to either accept or decline the call.
The issue is being increasingly reported on Apple’s support forums and as per the report from The Financial Times, who reached out to Apple about the aforementioned issue, the company is “looking into these reports.” Since Apple has said nothing about this issue yet, it is difficult to say whether it is a software or hardware related issue.
For those who don’t know, the iPhone X was facing a similar issue back in November when a user on Reddit complained about the smartphone’s display becoming unresponsive in cold weather. In response to this, Apple gave a guideline for this issue, along with a clarification statement to the loopinsight website, indirectly accepting there is a fault and that an OS update is on the way with a fix.It remains to be seen what Apple will do to fix this issue for its ‘top-selling iPhone every week since it shipped in November.’

As for the iPhone 7, the issue of users seeing ‘No Service’ in the status bar even if the smartphone is in an area where full network coverage is available, is happening due to a component failure in the main logic board. The affected iPhone 7 smartphones have been sold in five regions — China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and the US — and manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018. On its part, Apple has said that the company will repair the handset free of charge for users whose device is seen exhibiting such an issue.

A number of iPhone X users are unable to attend calls as the display does not wake up when the phone is ringing. According to a report from the Financial Timesmany iPhone X users have taken to Apple Forums to complain about the issue. Apple is aware of the issue and is currently investigating the matter, claims the Financial Times.

The delayed wake screen is the first major bug to beset Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset, although it does come on the back of 2018 and news that it was outsold by its cheaper iPhone 8 sibling in Q4 of last year.Apple has reportedly jumped into action, saying it’s looking into the reports of the bug. How quickly the problem gets a fix remains to be seen. Currently, the Cupertino firm is proactively trying to make iPhones and iPads more reliable , which has meant shelving many new features that were set to launch as part of iOS 12.If you’re an iPhone X owner and are experiencing the same problem, you might want to consider sharing your experience with apple support.



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