Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is set in the mid of Zombie apocalypse and the survival of mankind is on the line as these zombies known as “Kabane” are pretty hard to deal with since their only weakness is their heart which is as hard as steel and tough to break. Mankind have built fortress to keep zombies out and they travel from one fortress to another via a steam engine named “Hayajiro”. They live in terror all the time as zombies attack could happen anytime and ruin everything and every life within the fortress. But again there are also some characters who’ve got the virus in themselves and somehow remained human.They are as powerful as hundreds of Kabane at same time, and they are last hope for survival of humanity from the extinction. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Sequel explores more of these aspects of the story.

Season one was released around April-July 2016 and had received mixed reviews from everyone. At one point it seemed that it might even surpass the highly proclaimed series attack of titan but it was pretty rushed towards it’s ending which might have disappointed some viewers. But again if you see it without comparing it to the attack on titan then it’s a descent series with gorgeous visuals, highly packed action scenes and a powerful plot.

It’s a delight to everyone who’s been waiting for another season that we are going to see more of kabane fight scenes and Mumei & Ikoma together fighting with them but it’s not going to have a full season since recently Fuji TV revealed that ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Unato Decisive Battle’ is in Works and apparently it’s a full length movie instead of a series.

They also confirmed that it’s not going to be a spin-off but a sequel to the original series. And that’s the news i wanted to hear since they already have aired 2 movies but they were somehow recap of the original series and since the next was also a movie i had my doubts, which is clear now. I know it’s not much for the anime fans who were expecting at least a 12 episode series but a full length movie as sequel isn’t bad either. I’d say since it’s a movie we’d likely to see enhanced visuals and fighting scenes which is normally missing in the series.

As for the story goes it’s not been revealed yet but it’s clear that movie will take place half a year after the story of original series and The official website for the anime lists the film as the “middle volume.” So if it does well then we might get another season depending upon the success of the movie and will cover the last Volumes( It’s just my thinking though)

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