Kimi no nawa a.k.a your name.., is probably has become favorite of every anime movie lovers whether they are in shinkai’s side or not, they simply can’t ignore such a massive masterpiece. Shinkai is always known for his romantic movies such as 5 cm per second & garden of words even the children who chase lost voices had beautiful eye catching graphics and satisfactory plot but it was not anywhere close near his previous works.
He was also hated (not exactly) for his endings because his both works had emotional heart ache giving endings. So expectations were high about ‘kimi no nawa’ from the beginning and it stood up to everyone’s expectation.
About the story of the film i would rather try to keep it short & spoiler free so that you can enjoy the movie without exploiting your interest in case if you haven’t seen the movie yet. The story mainly focuses on Mitsuha , a high school girl who has tired of living in countryside area due to lack of sort of everything in the village and Taki, a high school boy who lives in Tokyo and is too busy between his school & part time work while spending his time with friends. They both Starts to wake up in each others body and experiences each others life due to some unknown mysterious phenomenon (even they don’t get the reasons, why?). And from here on wards they starts to change others perspective surrounding them. But one day suddenly they stops switching place and whatever happens after that will blow your mind away.Story becomes serious along with emotional adventure of seeing each other again and it is the moment where makato shinkai has played his cards. First half of the movie will let you experience the comedic side of it but second half is an emotional ride so be ready to get all the feels at the same time.
I’ve also created an AMV on it, so please give it a watch –
If ones have to explain this movie then only one word is enough to show its greatness and that is ‘Fuckin awesome’ i know it’s two words but that’s how i feel after watching it. It has everything that supposed to be there for making it a huge success not only in domestic theaters but even in international market.It’s very rare to see a movie continuing more than 3 months in theaters but kimi no nawa has already broke several such records. It has become highest grossing movie of all time in Japanese cinema , leaving spirited away behind which was already ruling the Japanese cinema for more than 16 years.

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