Psychic School Wars (Nerawareta Gakuen ) is sci-fi romantic school drama which is based on a science fiction novel by Taku Mayumura. It was released in 2012 and is one of best visually appealing movie till now apart from shinkai’s works.


The story centers around Kenji, a seemingly average boy, who regularly walks his dog to the beach to see his crush kahori and his childhood friend natsuki who lives just next door. His life becomes jumbled up when he met a new transfer student Ryōichi,who claims to be having psychic powers. Ryōichi is handsome guy in the entire school and kahori seems attracted towards him. On the other hand natsuki tries to support kenji so that he could tell kahori about his feelings but deep down natsuki also has some feelings towards kenji which he isn’t aware of it.

It tells the relationship-driven story of how Ryouichi’s presence sets the wheels of fate in motion for Kenji. Not only are his ordinary days challenged by growing jealousy from seeing Kahori falling for the young psychic, but his friend Natsuki seems to be troubled by problems of her own. And then he still has to deal with whatever plans Ryouichi has in store for him.


This movie has been under rated because of its complex story which is mixed up wtih romance ,school life, psychic problems,jealousy etc. But believe me these things won’t bother you much if are an hardcore anime lover. The plot is interesting and has a fresh story which is really good to see. Apart from the story ,the only thing which attracts our attention is the visuals which is too colorful and will mesmerize you for sure. Because of it’s visuals it also gets compared with makoto shinkai’s work’s.


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