Samsung Galaxy s8 was the flagship phones come from Samsung, but while using it many Samsung galaxy s8 stuck on black screen and this is the common problems of Samsung phones or sometimes it also stuck on Samsung logo screen.

There are several methods are available to fix this black screen problem of Samsung galaxy s8:-

Check the battery of the Samsung galaxy s8

When Samsung galaxy s8 stuck on black screen, the very first thing is to check the battery is charged or not, so make sure to plug the phone into the charger for at least 4 hours, after charging the phone if the phone starts working then its fine, if not then follow the next method.

flash the Samsung galaxy s8 with Odin and flash file 

If the first method does not work then try this method it will definitely work with Samsung galaxy s8, that is flashing the phone with stock firmware but in this method, you will lose all the data which stored in the phone. For that process, you required a pc and three files Odin, Samsung Kies and flash file for the phone.

Download this three files:-


Samsung Kies

Flash File of Samsung galaxy s8

After downloading this two files install Samsung Kies into the pc and then unzip the flash file of the Samsung galaxy s8 and then turn on the Samsung galaxy s8 on the downloading mode by pressing and holding the volume down & power key for 20 sec and then start Odin as administrator and select file to ap and then start flashing after the successful flashing, disconnect the phone and turn it on and the first boot will take up to 10mint to completely go in the home screen.

This method to fix black screen problem will also work on other Samsung Galaxy phones likes (Samsung s7, s6, s5 ). And this method will also fix if Samsung galaxy s8 stuck on Samsung logo screen.

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