Get your Samsung S9 set up and working with this guide. We take you through inserting the SIM, setting up email accounts, connecting to Wi-Fi and everything else you need to know to get started with your new phone.

Unbox the Samsung Galaxy S9 

Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • Galaxy S9
  • Mains power adaptor
  • USB-C cable
  • Wired earphones
  • USB to USB-C adaptor
  • micro USB to USB-C adaptor
  • Information pack with SIM tool attached

So very first you need to unbox the all box contained items and then start the following process with the help of this slideshow.

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Insert your SIM and SD card

Follow these steps to insert the SIM and microSD card into your Samsung S9

  • Take the Sim card ejector tool from the box and push the pointy end into the pinhole on the top left edge of your phone.
  • then add the sim card and sd card to your phone
  • After that simply turnon the phone by pressing the power button and do the required setup process.

Then Complete the Galaxy S9 Setup Wizard

 Now after inserting the SIM card, you’re ready to set up your Samsung galaxy s9. Press the Power button on the right-hand edge of the phone for few seconds until the screen lights up.When the phone turns on, you’ll see the first screen of the ‘Setup Wizard’ – a series of steps that help get the Galaxy S9 ready to use. To make this less confusing, we explain each step with the slide screen below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Setup


  • When the phone gets on the first screen you will see is Start.
  • Then select the start for initial setup.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Setup
  • Connect your phone to working wifi network.
  • Agee on all the Terms and condition, you can unmark the marketing information and diagnostic data.
  • then sign in with the google id, if you have if don’t then simply create a new id.
  • after successfully signing you can take a back up old data of your phone.
  • then setup intelligent scan security in your Samsung galaxy s9 if you want then.
  • you can select any one of them like Pattern, PIN, and Password.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Setupafter selecting it you just need to remember your pattern, PIN whatever you selected.

In case if you forget the password, PIN, and pattern you can use tenorshare Key4 u to recover the forgotten password.

  • After that, you can setup notification option according to your preference and accept the disclaimer.
  • then you can setup face recognization setting in Samsung galaxy s9.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Setup
  • Then turn on the google services according to your preferences.
  • then turn on the google assistant if you want
  • then review additional apps of Samsung galaxy s9,
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Setupthen you can sign in your Samsung account if you want.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Setupthen you can restore the data from the old device and also from any Samsung device.
  • then all done.


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Hopefully, that’s are everything you need to know about using your Samsung Galaxy s9  Device, we tried our best to cover up all required things to setup galaxy s9.


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