Nowadays frp or verifying google account problem is common in all the Samsung lollipop phones. Most of the phones stuck on to verify your account (the device was reset. To continue, sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device). Basically it’s not a difficult task to unlock it,  and these kind problems mainly occur after formatting the phone in recovery mode.

so there are two ways to unlock FRP lock of samsung phones , and this method its tested for android L(lollipop) or android 5.

unlock frp lock using samsung slide sync (android 5/6)

In this method you are required a good quality data cable and a pc (tried in windows )

  1. Download and install the samsung kies and slide sync for pc and also download quick shortcut maker and copy it to SD card
  2. Then connect the phone with the pc and you  will get three option there (galaxy app, chrome,internet)
  3. Then open the galaxy app and it will autometically opened the slide sync in phone , then download it
  4. After installing open slide sync select (start > more setting > saved recied item) then it will open the storage
  5. Now go to sd card and install the quick shortcut maker
  6. After installing , open the app and search for(google account manager with type email and password)
  7. Then open it and sign in with your gmail id and then reboot the phone
  8. It will bypass the frp lock , but the phone will login with that gmail id which you used for signin to remove that also format the phone and it wll back to factory reset.

      Download frp bypass tool for Samsung j5 prime

unlock frp lock without using computer and otg cable (android 6/7)

  1. Download quick shortcut maker and google account maneger and move it to sd card and use the sd card in phone
  2. go to google verify account page and then open the keyboard setting and open text shortcut
  3. then write some think and tap over that it will show you option google assit, select that it will open google search
  4. then search for file and open the quick shortcut maker and install it
  5. open the quick shortcut maker and you will get option google account manager with try email and password
  6. then select try email and password and open browser singin and then singin with any gmail id and restart the phone
  7. it will bypss the frp lock screen and then format and the phone from setting to remove the gmail id.

First method will only work opn android 5.0 lolipop  and android marshmallow 6download

Second method will work in android marshmallow 6 and android nougat 7


Google account manager for android lolipop 5

Google account manager for android marshmallow 6

Google account manager for android nougat 7

Quick shortcut maker (work on all android phones)

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