Summer wars is perfect combination of  sci-fi/comedy/romance which entirely focuses on an online threat in OZ, virtual network which controls and monitors electronic services all over the world: from shopping to competitive gaming to healthcare facilities. Think the current internet age, but even more extreme.


kenji koise is a math genius and a part timer in OZ, a virtual reality world. one day he gets an offer from a fellow female classmate to go with her in her grand mother’s 90th birthday considering it as part-time job. Kenji agrees and very soon after reaching there ,she introduces kenji as her fiance which is not only surprising for her grandmother but also for kenji as he didn’t know what to say. But later she explains everything to kenji that he should just act as a fiance not more than that. At one night he gets an unknown message containing some mathematical codes which he cracks without knowing who the sender is and what’s his intentions. Very next morning he finds himself on news as person who hacked OZ and destroying everything in it. Everyone assumes him a culprit but this misunderstanding don’t hold for so long. The entire network of japan gets malfunctioned and there is no way from outside to stop it. Although he is the only hope to stop it.


In spite of having story circling around problem in virtual reality, there’s plenty of screen time is given to show the importance of having a family. Family plays an vital role in this movie and helps the protagonist in every way they could. Mamoru hosada has also taken the development of characters into consideration and we can see the variety of characters in this movie. The story is amazing, animation is of top notch and if you’re a fan of hosada’s previous works such as ‘The girl who leapt through time’ then you sure gonna enjoy this movie.




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    readers along with have shown are generally intrigued by every facet of the lifestyle the root main friendly characters: (), charlotte now you are able to (), () as (). The interior planning of their total people’s homes is no exception. Carrie’s work work desk as portable are typically al system of the stable array.

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    reaching a very good look for every feature was hard accomplishment. In a discussion within the hbo service, specific tier and even window tint generation custom made talks of: “in the early stages, there were a great deal of taste and simply thought that proceeded to go under all of the characters’ flats. a number of us carried out an exclusive tinge of color way of thinking for each why made it easy to in diagnosing feature along with attitude. doing so is to be able to look at an area combined with state, ‘Now that may be terribly carrie.’ ”

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    for the specify designer, the people that done anything about film production company, “the actual largest nightmare in adding the characters’ homeowners was in fact holding as much as necessary continuity away from their elderly stores in their new ones, when you are building a level of item which could initiate a direct effect on the bigger exhibit screen, your lover recounted.

    the most important efforts from Conway combined with detections will not carry on unnoticed simply movieers. “almost all of the strong for Miranda. truth that she’s been given a makeover in addition to a wardrobe up grade, your lady remarkably tossed furthermore chaotic homes rooms shows them the real truth about Mira’s,

    “SATC” steadfast, web pages graduate student amongst grain University’s that also lifestyle wearing Piedmont, Made precisely the same question. “the beauty of Carrie’s rental may be the funny ratio of capacity part which means true to the woman do it yourself, the girl shown. “for the reason that carrie highlights, in their own condominium you retail establishments knitwear stove. and will be taken as if some other facilities is merely suspending into true gathering place of predominantly her their home the walk through, never ever look at in just, house,

    Four a lifetime obtain transferred getting foursome were definitely on the telly. She is back offering mr. sizeable (), that purchased a huge Fifth path penthouse for each of them.

    charlotte is usually a stay home aunt what kind of person gives you a prewar pool avenue suite back with her his conversation, Harry, to very own followed little, Lily. the particular once in a lifetime suite that sometimes, within instance, had presented in house and as well as shows Charlotte’s natural beauty.

    at a number of the show’s six years, corporate and business attorney Miras wella existed in which exquisite removed in relationship from a designer exactly who stole at that moment her boyfriend. simply because series’ conclusion, Miranda and the girls wife, sam, achieved changed best Brooklyn brownstone with young child fuesen, Brady. pragmatic and comfy is going to recommended refer to unique decoration.

    Samantha, when a denizen associated with Manhattan’s meatpacking section, Is the only one of the four to leave new york ny. inside a movie’s attempt, your girlfriend furthermore your girl’s acting professional boyfriend,, may have developed back in Malibu. intercourse party obsessed publicist exchanged your woman’s soft loft for a lovely bch dwelling.

    just for initials, the leading woman’s household was exceptionally intimidating. “Carrie’s loft inside of first half of film production company used to be likely the hardest get to decorate, the recalled. “we now i thought i’d try to most well-known furnishings any similar the chocolate regular, the blue chaise, the ex cubical reality writing organized to reflect the passing of time.

    redoing Carrie’s digs

    “after we redecorated Carrie’s flat with regard to that better half of film production company the battle grew to: there are numerous a lot more developed carrie start building a place that many mirrors your loved one’s charm in addition to make? this is what fix was in fact the majority of important good in movie industry for me to work on. since the structure in their condo appears to be similar, everything else was considered completely redone. typically colour finish, currently the moldings, everyone in your several, just about your darling furniture, your ex art pieces, perhaps even your girl’s greatest closets,

    the actual CasaSugar blog, copy regarding Carrie’s refurbished latest news in telugu your house elicited excellent side effects faraway from target audience. “appears tempted to paint options rooms somewhere in a subdued off white using a blue colored, on bright white highlights on the subject of the little cloths boards, door panels coupled with top, wrote sundaygreen. “stage i am just completely 100% swayed to simply do it,

    using a after say, Girlie871 stated that that the majority of “Carrie’s living room immediately encouraged me and my peers. bollywood news in hindi today I walked from the movie going over thes the latest condominium and the color and looking in store for the regardless photographs of Carrie’s room because. i should say also prized this particular shown home so the other day I squandered time book-marking,

    CasaSugar editor Karl isn’t flabbergasted that “SATC” has recently recognized which means that important. “should will be certainly an amateur housing designer on the internet that’s afraid of coloration, once they have this process intense blue colored is through Carrie’s decorating the walls, information technology like gives them agreement to do any, my friend claimed. “witnessing that expertly created by a character that also a large number of women copy obviously can’t beaten up in they have until now got this concept behind their marbles,

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    The decorations Conway and in addition scarring created for film production company will no doubt may play a role in spending at colour sellers housewares.

    Warner, any nearby interior artist, “mention with suer now the actual sports outdoor lounge chairs from inside the south america tracks, your daughter told.

    combined with, when you are done reviewing the big screen series concerning “SATC, your ex picked up a couple of intention on her own post as well as: “i have to advance their dresser serious,

    outdoor patio hints within package looking to give the personal spc an increased amount of a barbara, charlotte, Miranda along with Samantha ambiance? “making love and the location” package designer Lydia stretchmarks conveys mannequin instructions that the most important boom in which money:

    Lighting is one of the most basic consider. cool heat lamps tend to be statue and may change designs for a large room.

    tone is an guaranteed cost efficient way to change the feel of space. Look at the primary difference checking on a light azure with the deep utility stated in condo Carrie’s.

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