Summer wars is perfect combination of  sci-fi/comedy/romance which entirely focuses on an online threat in OZ, virtual network which controls and monitors electronic services all over the world: from shopping to competitive gaming to healthcare facilities. Think the current internet age, but even more extreme.


kenji koise is a math genius and a part timer in OZ, a virtual reality world. one day he gets an offer from a fellow female classmate to go with her in her grand mother’s 90th birthday considering it as part-time job. Kenji agrees and very soon after reaching there ,she introduces kenji as her fiance which is not only surprising for her grandmother but also for kenji as he didn’t know what to say. But later she explains everything to kenji that he should just act as a fiance not more than that. At one night he gets an unknown message containing some mathematical codes which he cracks without knowing who the sender is and what’s his intentions. Very next morning he finds himself on news as person who hacked OZ and destroying everything in it. Everyone assumes him a culprit but this misunderstanding don’t hold for so long. The entire network of japan gets malfunctioned and there is no way from outside to stop it. Although he is the only hope to stop it.


In spite of having story circling around problem in virtual reality, there’s plenty of screen time is given to show the importance of having a family. Family plays an vital role in this movie and helps the protagonist in every way they could. Mamoru hosada has also taken the development of characters into consideration and we can see the variety of characters in this movie. The story is amazing, animation is of top notch and if you’re a fan of hosada’s previous works such as ‘The girl who leapt through time’ then you sure gonna enjoy this movie.



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