Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda aka ‘The Anthem of the heart’ is a melodrama which expresses that words are very powerful. They can inspire, bless, curse, and hurt others. And like anything that’s powerful, it needs to be controlled. Otherwise it won’t take much time before ruining your very precious thing.


The story of this movie heavily focuses around jun, a very quite girl that never spoke at school due to a childhood traumatic incident. She used to be a chatterbox in the past but an egg fairy puts a curse on her and she stops speaking with others from that day. Even when she’s in high school she has no friends due to her being silent all the time. But her homeroom teacher signs her up to Charity Committee members along with three other people and with the help of her new friends from committee, she learns to express her emotions through singing; specifically within the musical for her school’s outreach program. Along the way she learns about the power of music through her experiences with the students in the class and the members of the outreach program.


This is one of those movies which portrayed a message within its plot and was able to successfully deliver it. The story is unique and easy to understand. The same studio of Anohana has worked in this movie so you will find similarities in the characters if you have seen Anohana before. And within the given 2 hour time,characters have been developed very well. Visuals of this movie is very decent with some colorful eye catching backgrounds. However the sound is the most interesting thing in this movie. The songs really convey what the characters are feeling and what the audience got to feel.

Overall it’s an interesting movie and you’ll enjoy it if you don’t have too high expectation out of it and can easily relate to it if you are a quite person (like me).

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