Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to the stage at his company’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to unveil iOS 12 – the next major software update for the iPhone – as well as new apps and features for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Mac.

“We now have over 20 million Apple developers worldwide,” Mr Cook said as he opened the keynote, which paid tribute to them through a video in the style of a nature documentary.

The Independent covered all of the event and the fallout live from San Jose, where the event is being hosted.

And here’s a full round-up of everything coming to iOS 12.

Iphone ios 12

  • Here’s some more indepth coverage on what we’ve learnt today:  
  • iOS 12 will make devices faster, not slower 
  • New features will help people to use their iPhones less
  • Siri upgrade finally fixes the digital assistant
 So, as audience members file out, we can look forward to exploring some innovative new features and fun apps in the coming months.
But it seems not everyone was impressed…
 The closing  is of developers’ family members, talking about all the sacrifices they made to build apps (TLDR: Late nights and Ramen noodles.)
 “Their stories are great examples of all of your passion and creativity,” Tim Cook says. “On behalf of everyone at Apple, thank you.”
The keynote is closing, just like it opened, with a video. This one isn’t very funny though.
“The updates will be available to our users this fall,” says Tim Cook, who is back on stage to wrap things up.
Federighi says that one of the questions he is often asked is: “Are you merging iOS and MacOS?”
 There’s a simple answer to that, apparently.
“I’d like to take a moment to briefly address this question: No. Of course not,” he says.
People are already getting impatient about when they’ll get all these new apps and updates.
It will be coming to the all new Mac App Store, which will include features borrowed from iOS.
Another rumour we can confirm: Apple News will be available on Mac.
Apple Tv
The next operating system for Mac is called Mojave, by the way, named after the Mojave Desert that stretches east out of California.
Tim Cook comes back on stage to tell us about new updates to Mac OS.
New screensavers will also show footage from the International Space Station.
Apple TV will be getting support for Dolby Atmos and the demonstration was pretty incredible live. As with 4K and GDR content, Dolby Atmos will be available as a free upgrade.
Updates on Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Now, Apple TV. Live demos are always risky, but this one involves an exercise bike.
We’re watching a woman named Jules riding a bike on stage, showing us new ways to reach your fitness goals.
You also no longer need to say “Hey Siri” when you want to ask your smartwatch something. You just speak.
Queue every Apple Watch wearer walking around like they’re Dick Tracy.
A new watch-to-watch connection, which works over WiFi or cell signal, turns your Apple Watch into a walkie talkie. Pretty cool, but maybe not groundbreaking.

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